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How you guys overcome this issue? A: The solution for me was to specify the FMTXML tag to the internal setting in IIS. This step explains everything and how it worked for me. Thanks Bežić Bežić () is a Bosniak surname of Polish-language origin, meaning «the hunter.» Notable people with the surname include: Ajdin Bežić, Bosnian footballer Lajmir Bežić, Bosnian footballer Ljubodrag Bežić, Bosnian footballer See also Bežić, Bosnia and Herzegovina, village in the municipality of Brčko Bežići, village in the municipality of Selo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Bežići, village in the municipality of Velika Kladusa, Bosnia and Herzegovina Category:Bosnian-language surnamesQ: Error: terminal does not support SSL-TLS I am trying to serve my react application on my ubuntu 18.04 machine but I keep getting the following error : terminal does not support SSL-TLS, environnement variable SSL_CERT is not set But even if I set it via : export SSL_CERT=/etc/letsencrypt/live/ I still get the same error. I have read some blog and other articles which mention to add a cert to the system-wide ca-bundle.json file but i am not sure where to add it and how it works. Thanks! A: The way to fix this is to use LetsEncrypt to install a LetsEncrypt cert for your site. On a new Ubuntu 18.04 VM, install Let’s Encrypt via apt-get: sudo apt install letsencrypt On your ubuntu hosting machine, edit /etc/letsencrypt/options-ssl-apache.conf and add the hostname: SSLEngine on SSLProtocol all -SSLv2 —

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