Segmented Walnut and Maple Bowl

This video is of a wood turned segmented walnut and maple bowl inspired by traditional tapa cloth patterning. I did this video all with a stop motion technique trying to remove myself from the story in order to make the materials, process, and product the stars of the show.

44 ответов на “Segmented Walnut and Maple Bowl”

  1. since I got into this hobby, it's one year or so that I started looking and enjoying these pieces of art^2 of you Frank, woodworking and lovely stop motion serving smart ideas and design.
    This bowl (and the chair) comes on top of the preference of my two kids, and they can't wait until your next video… although I have to admit that the CNC with the clouds did not capture their interest… they are mainly fond of the poor-clamp-boy :-)cheers from Italy, Alberto

  2. Frank, I just stumbled across your channel today and subscribed immediately. Not only is this bowl a work of art but the editing of the video kept me spell bound. I just started putting up youtube videos and would love to see you explain how you accomplished this animation type video. Thanks for sharing.

  3. If I were to turn up at your shop would you give me lessons ? it's a nice art and interests me that's why I love your videos but the stop motion with the violin cannot be topped . Well played sir

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