Woodturning A Segmented Walnut Bowl

I had a walnut bowl that I had started to hollow out, but never finished. It developed several severe cracks in it. I first cut the bowl into five pieces: three that I would keep and two with the cracks that I would not. I needed to remake those two pieces. I did this by making a completely second segmented bowl with the same overall form as the original walnut bowl. I could cut out the pieces that I need for the first bowl out of the new bowl. The segmented bowl was made from walnut and redheart wood. It was assembled from rings of twelve 1/2 inch thick segments. I sanded all of the joints between each piece and then glued all the pieces together making a bowl I could turn on the lathe. I started on the lathe by making a tenon for my scroll chuck. Then, I turned the piece around and held it in the scroll chuck to do the majority of the turning. I wiped the bowl down with mineral spirits to get the dust off. Finally, I finished it with a linseed oil beeswax mix.

Part 2 is here:

38 ответов на “Woodturning A Segmented Walnut Bowl”

  1. "Hacked together" This is my favorite piece in all of the woodworking videos I've ever seen. I've watched it at least 6 times because I am just in LOVE with the bowl. This is art.

  2. This is so far outside my skill set, I still don't quite know how you knew where to cut the segmented bowl. I think I almost have it figured out…but how you almost ended up with a "mirror image", I…uh… : ) Fascinating to watch!

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