Woodturning a Segmented Christmas Ornament

To make a segmented, woodturned Christmas ornament, I started by sketching what I wanted to do which was a Christmas tree figure on a sphere. I structured the sphere by layering up pieces of holly and purple heart to form the pattern, with a layer on the bottom for the trunk and a layer on the top for the sky. The original idea was to also make it hollow, drill holes in it for lights, and put a LED light with a watch battery inside. The turning proved to be at the limits of my skill level and tool collection. I dropped the light idea and just tuned it as a solid piece. I made a decorative finial at the top and bottom. Merry Christmas!

36 ответов на “Woodturning a Segmented Christmas Ornament”

  1. I have watched many of your videos and I especially like the sound effects that come with the steel clamps. Great sense of humour great work. Thanks for posting them, I have learned a lot!!

  2. I think you can easen up the alignment of the segments if you after cutting the pieces, before gluing anything, cuts all pieces to the same length and make a small rabbet at the end of the pieces that makes up the center, so that you after gluing each segment ends up with a vertical centered dado at each end of each segment and then you can take anything vertical and press into both ends automatically forcing the segments to line up for the final gluing.

  3. When sanding, how do you make sure the flat lane is perpendicular to the edges? Isn't it easy to press to hard on one side, thereby changing the flat surface in perspective to the sides?

  4. Can I just say, I have never done any woodwork and I don't think I ever will but I find your videos very entertaining (I like the little funny bits you do with stop motion, it's a very cute idea) and also it's very calming to watch you create stuff and having so much fun at doing it. I think I've seen every video on your channel by now and hope there'll be more in the future 🙂

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