Woodturning A Walnut Bowl

I had a walnut bowl I had started about 2 years ago. It is now dry and can be turned to its final form. It had developed several cracks on opposite side. I cut out a 2 inch wide section that encompassed these cracks. I had the vision of a striped segmented filling in this 2 inch gap in the bowl. I made a half circle with 30 segmented pieces, and glued it between the two pieces of the bowl. Then I turned this all on the lathe to make the final form of the bowl. I finished it with a bee’s wax and linseed oil mix. Two defects emerged in the walnut as I got to the final form. Looking at it in hindsight, I would have done the insertion differently but it still looks good. Some safety issues have been raised with this video and I completely agree. Safety is paramount. Here is a quick video on lathe safety that everyone should watch.


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  1. Your videos are both practical and inspiring. The steps that are illustrated in your process as well as your thinking and the problems you encounter with their solutions are helpful in carrying out similar projects for the viewer.  Much better than just seeing an ideal finished project.

  2. if you lived in the uk what lathe would you recommend for a beginner with a £500 budget. i would consider a second hand professional lathe if i could get one for near my budget. great vids really enjoying watching them. they gife me ideas for what i would like to try. thanks derek

  3. When you wanted to add the outer lines you could have taken the segmented piece, put it on a big piece of wood, mark it out then cut it, same for the other line. And then you would have had 2 continuous lines. Wouldn't that have look nicer and been a lot more simpler? 

  4. I love that you still use a radial arm saw. It seems most people have abandoned them for the newer tools which is kind of unfortunate because of how great these saws really are in their ability to do everything, or be dialed in to make a certain cut very, very well.

  5. I just watched your newer video where you build your bridge model with your son, and it's adorable how much he's grown! You can tell how much he likes your work, just as we all do 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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