a bowl in 45 seconds part 2

This piece of walnut had been part of a street tree that had ground on Fremont Ave in Portland Oregon. The tree had been cut up and left for firewood for anyone who wanted it, I got a truck load. I turned one of the nicer pieces in a video I put up about 5 years ago called «a bowl in 45 seconds» in this video I finish this piece up.
I start by getting the bowl round as it had come out of round in the drying process. Then I remove material with my 5/8″ bowl gouge to get to the final form. Smoothing is done with a 1 inch scraper. Then lots of sanding. I use a sanding disk on my drill to get a random pattern with the sandpaper. I sand till 400 grit. I flip the bowl around and hold the rim in the chuck. I dare not hold it with just the chick as I would not want it to come out, so I hold it in with the tail stock. I clean the surface with a cloth dampened with mineral spirits and let dry. Then a coat of a linseed oil and bees wax mix. For being left on the side of the road as fire wood this has been one if the nicest pieces of wood I have worked with, and made a very beautiful piece.

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  1. Good job! That's a great bowl, it turned out really pretty, and it didn't look like it did too much warping during drying.

    Oh and what was the song from the first part? (the 2007 first part)

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