19 ответов на “Wood Turning a Big Spalted Maple Bowl”

  1. WOW beautiful bowl.  I have always loved the spalted maple look.  One day I will have a guitar built that is all spalted maple.  Do you make bowls like this and then sell them?  If you do sell them I would love to buy a spalted maple bowl from you.   Also can you make a spalted maple dinner table and or a coffee table?

  2. I noticed you screwed the face plate in to the bottom after turning the outside. Don't you have a chuck? As the screw holes will determine how deep you can go when you turn it for the second time?

  3. Frank, you had to age/dry the walnut bowl for 5 years, but you turned this maple bowl to finish much more quickly -apparently. Is that just because they are different species and the maple is less prone to cracking???

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