segmented wood turned maple bowl

This is a maple bowl I had turned to a ruff stage, then let dry for 2 years. It developed a crack on one side, as it dried. I addressed this by cutting the cracked section off and building a segmented section to take it’s place. Then I tuned the whole thing down to a finished piece.

The lathe is a Powermatic 2442
The band saw is a 1947 36″ Fay and Egan

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  1. HI Frank, i love your videos and this bowl is really nice, your band saw is a beast, I have never seen such a deep cutting saw with a quite small blade,they really knew how to make machines back then. Keep making your videos, they are entertaining as well as instructive and inspiring , thanks again, Phil, Hereford UK

  2. I have been following your videos for a while. You make some of the most interesting bowls I have seen. While watching this video I had a thought. What if you took a block of walnut , drilled holes on a grid, all sides , through the block where the holes do not intersect other holes, and then glue into the holes long dowels of Paduk. The dowels could be varied diameters. Just a thought. Btw, do you have a site where we can purchase pieces? Keep up the great work. You are an inspiring individual.

  3. why would you put so much effort into a freaking bowl?
    Your job is great Im new watching your videos that CNC is a master piece… but a bowl can somebody explain if it has a meaning or something???

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